At Pacific Organic Pops, we specialize in freshly made Organic Ice Pops that will make you feel good about what you eat! We use quality organic ingredients to bring you the best natural flavors. No matter what time of year, pop on in to enjoy a little treat because you deserve it! Stay Cool!

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit with no artificial preservatives. Good for your tastebuds and health.


We are committed to serving you the freshest, organic ingredients.

Straus Organic Cream

Straus Family Creamery is a certified organic dairy that produces organic milk, ice cream, yogurt, butter, sour cream & cream-top milk in reusable glass bottles.

Join The STAY COOL Movement

We believe in Organic Goodness! Our mission is to utilize the best organic ingredients to create a healthy alternative for your sweet tooth. At POP we are dedicated to providing the best service and products, all while spreading our Stay Cool Movement- one delicious pop at a time.

STAY COOL is more than just our motto, at POP it’s a way of life! In our store as well as the platforms in which our brand will be seen, we’ve created OUR meaning and purpose for what it means to stay cool.

Be Yourself, Practice Kindness, and Stand Up For What You Believe In…These are just some parts of the STAY COOL movement.

Get your Party POP’in with our POP Carts!

Great for parties, corporate events, weddings, and more!